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How Nexus Legal Recruitment can help you find your perfect role

Nexus legal are an international firm who operate within 6 continents and have placed legal professionals in countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong and many more. We specialise in tailor made searches to best suit your skills and experience. We have a high track record of relocating candidates across the world smoothly.

Why London?
The legal hub of London is said to be one of the most important legal markets in the world alongside New York and Hong Kong. There are many qualified and experienced lawyers who make the move to London to take advantage of the many opportunities on offer. 

What is the legal sector like in London?
Legal professionals will travel far and wide to gain the experience of working in a London law firm. This is mainly due to its reputation as being a world leader in training and educating young legal professionals. The London legal sector also has vast connections with the Asia-Pacific, New York and Middle East markets. 

Lifestyle and family
The city of London is a diverse and culture filled country that has a large expat community. In terms of living in London, there is no getting away from the fact that it is an expensive city to live in. But this can be made cheaper if you choose to live in the suburbs rather than the city centre. This higher cost of living is made up by the fact that the average wage in London is higher than the rest of the UK and Europe. 

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