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How Nexus Legal can help your move offshore 

Nexus Legal are a leading recruitment firm that works within major financial and growth markets that has successfully placed candidates in the best law firms in the world. We operate in 5 continents and can tailor your job search to exactly suit your skills and experience. Our highly experienced senior consultants aim to find the perfect job match for their candidates and therefore find the best candidates for the world’s biggest law firms.


What is the legal sector like offshore?
Each offshore region has slight differences when it comes to what roles are in demand. The Cayman Islands are a hub for funds, corporate, commercial and insolvency litigation. Bermuda has similar legal disciplines to that of the Cayman Islands but also deals with trusts and e-commerce. These are areas of the legal sector that are in high demand in all of the offshore jurisdictions. 

What are the financial benefits of living and working offshore?
Depending which offshore jurisdiction you work within there are differing tax laws. For example, if you work within the Channel Islands you pay 20% income tax. For the Cayman Islands you pay 0% income tax. Day to day living costs can be high in offshore jurisdictions, given their reliance on imports, but most lawyers are able to save a substantial sum of money each year relative to living in the likes of London or Sydney, as low/zero income tax more than compensates for increased living costs.

What is the work/life balance like?
The main difference is the fact that you would have a much shorter commute to work and the general working hours offshore tend be more predictable. This means that by working offshore you are granted a better work/life balance with the added benefit of living on an island which has plenty of activities you can enjoy such as diving, horse riding and sailing. 

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