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How Nexus Legal can help your move to the Middle East

Nexus Legal are a leading recruitment firm that works within major financial and growth markets that has successfully placed candidates in the best law firms in the world. We operate in 6 continents and can tailor your job search to exactly suit your skills and experience. Our highly experienced senior consultants aim to find the perfect job match for their candidates and therefore find the best candidates for the world’s biggest law firms.

To speak to our experienced recruitment consultant about a move to the Middle East, please contact Rebekah Allen on +44 203 984 6565

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Why the Middle East?
The Middle East has become an established region for lawyers to spend time overseas in an expat community or for locals to laterally move from neighbouring gulf cities. The Middle East is made up of many well known legal hubs such as Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Muscat and Riyadh, just to name just a few. These areas are home to many international law firms due to the areas strong economy and very well internationally regarded legal sector.

What is the legal sector like?
In terms of legal roles that would be in demand in the Middle East this would differ from city to city. But in general, these roles tend to be Corporate/Commercial, M&A, Construction and Dispute resolution. Although English would be widely spoken within the middle east it would be a massive advantage if you can speak and write fluent Arabic.

What is the work/life balance like in the Middle East?
The middle east has all year sunshine which means you can take advantage of the fabulous weather on your days off. The region has very low crime rates which makes it a very safe place to raise young children. There is also access to some of the best private and public schools available. In terms of traveling home or going on business trips there are many international airports that can get you to main land Europe in less than 6 hours.

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