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How Nexus Legal can help your move to Hong Kong 
Nexus Legal are a leading recruitment firm that works within major financial and growth markets that has successfully placed candidates in the best law firms in the world. We operate in 6 continents and can tailor your job search to exactly suit your skills and experience. Our highly experienced senior consultants aim to find the perfect job match for their candidates and therefore find the best candidates for the world’s biggest law firms.

What are the benefits of living in Hong Kong? 
Hong Kong is consistently among the top-ranked countries to live in because of its culture, surroundings and career opportunities. In 2015, Hong Kong was named the world’s freest economy for the 21st year in a row. It continues to embrace the globalisation of trade and services and is an active participant in numerous regional and global associations.

What is the legal sector like? 

Hong Kong is considered to have one of the most important Stock Exchanges in the world, and the Hong Kong Dollar is one of the top 5 traded currencies. Many global banks have major operations in Hong Kong, and the island boasts one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. Consequently, a large portion of the legal roles available in Hong Kong involve finance, banking, compliance and cross-border M&A, both for ‘western’ trained lawyers and their local counterparts.

Hong Kong has one of the most mature and highly regarded legal systems in the world, following the common law system of the UK. This gives assurance to businesses that they can operate in a safe environment where individual and commercial rights are upheld and safeguarded. A career move to Hong Kong can also be a spring board to other Asian markets, should one ultimately wish to end up in a developing jurisdiction but lack regional experience.

What about work/life balance? 

Hong Kong is a diverse country, often referred to as a ‘melting pot’ of cultures and a hub for the continent of Asia. English is widely spoken and used in both business and the public sphere, due to the island’s colonial heritage. Commonly perceived to be nothing but a dense urban metropolis, people are often surprised to learn that only 40% of Hong Kong’s land mass is developed, leaving 60% of green space, ideal for taking in stunning panoramic views and enjoying mountain hikes.  

Hong Kong is also a major global shopping destination, offering budget products through to high-end designer goods. Residents of mainland China flock to Hong Kong for shopping holidays, while newly-arrived British or Australian expats will feel comforted to know IKEA has a presence on the island and will even assemble furniture on your behalf! With a thriving expatriate community, it is one of the easiest countries in which to assimilate.

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