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How Nexus Legal can help your move to Perth

Nexus Legal Recruitment are a truly international firm that help find candidates in the legal sector find the best jobs within the best law firms in over 6 continents.  We help on a one-to-one basis and tailor your search to best meet your key skills and expertise. We will also provide advice on visas to make your transition to your new role as smooth as possible.  


Why Perth? 
The economy of Australia is strong and stable meaning there is an abundance of work opportunities available, especially in the legal sector. Western Australia’s service industry is exceptionally favorable for skilled expats. So now would be a great time to make a move down under! 

What is the legal sector like in Perth?
Well educated, skilled and experienced legal professionals who have transferable skills are always in demand in Australia. This is especially the case if you are a British or American national. This makes Australian cities such as Perth hubs for talented solicitors, lawyers and barristers from all over the world. Working in these cities can also be a stepping stone to future careers in the Middle East if this is your end goal.

How does the Australian Visa system work?
There is no need to worry when it comes to obtaining a visa to work in Australia. Your employer will guide you through the process to make it a smooth transition for your new life down under. 

If you are interested in a move down under, please contact Lauren Chester for a discreet chat on +44 203 984 6565  or email To see our current vacancies in Perth click here

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