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2018 05 07 5 Reasons To Consider Financial Emigration

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South Africa is currently experiencing an increase of skilled labour emigrating to the UK, Australia and New Zealand – and this includes a number of professionals in the legal sector. You may want to leave for several reasons: career advancement; a different lifestyle; or, to experience a completely new culture in a different part of the world.

It’s easy to get lost in your imagination and picture yourself in Sydney walking on a golden beach, or living a luxury life in Dubai. However, this can mean that lawyers often overlook the excellent career opportunities on offer locally in South Africa, which are reflected by the entry and growth of multiple international firms to the market in recent times. 

The SADC region is booming
During the first quarter of 2019, Nexus have seen firms hiring at the most accelerated pace in recent times, with teams and firms expanding across multiple practice areas. What this means for lawyers is opportunity. The opportunity to work on larger matters, higher value transactions and an overall greater caliber of work. With China continuously increasing the amount of FDI investment into Africa, firms will continue to see growth and an increased pipeline of work, with hiring demands quickly following suit.

Make a lateral move
The South African legal market is thriving, and the majority of top-tier firms are actively hiring. Why not seize this opportunity to find a new role and put yourself in a more advantageous position further down the line? Do not dismiss a lateral move in South Africa, as having a simple conversation about a role may open new doors and better long-term career prospects.

If your long-term aspiration is to join a law firm overseas, either in Europe, Asia-Pacific or the Middle East, then having the right experience and branding on your CV can help you go a long way; making an international career move a far more realistic prospect in the future. If you're currently practicing in a mid-tier or boutique firm, joining a top-tier or internationally recognized firm contributes towards your own legal 'brand', which will help you propel your career onto a new continent in the future.

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