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The London legal market is forever booming with opportunity and the one practice that seems to be warranting the most attention is Funds. Today my blog is an insight into the funds space, and why London is prime territory for associates looking to establish their career within this thriving practice area.

Pre-Associate level funds work
The last few months have been a real education into what the market is looking for in London. From meeting and speaking with partners and HR there has been a big push on firms needing qualified fund lawyers to come into teams ranging from NQ to 2-4 years PQE. I have found that numerous lawyers began their journey in the funds space at Paralegal level, giving them exposure to funds and the chance to learn from both associates and partners in detail about clients, deals and the wider funds sector.

Getting into the funds space
Funds lawyers often work in very small teams, meaning there is the chance for even the most junior associates to gain great experience.

As one lawyer from a top London Magic Circle firm stated:

“When you start out, you will work on private placement memos, draft key documents and review the transfer agreements....In funds, you may negotiate with hundreds of parties at the same time so typically you get the chance to work in negotiations as a young associate.”

Due to the upwards trajectory in the funds space there is a high demand for lawyers to join the likes of Magic & Silver circle firms as well as big American firms. Now is the time to move if you are a funds lawyer either coming from abroad and looking to establish a career in London or if you are a London-based lawyer wanting to take the next step in your career.

Making a lateral move within the funds space
I am working on a number of opportunities for fund associates, ranging from Magic, Silver circle, American and smaller boutique firms. Just last month I had begun working with a funds associate who had qualified at a top London firm and then moved onto a top-tier american firm. Within 24 hours of contacting partners (on a no names basis) I had 14 requests from leading international firms across London. This sort of traction and engagement from partners and HR is a real eye opener for consultants like myself to really start fleshing out the funds space and network with partners. This is also a very promising sign of the market for candidates who are in the funds space looking for new opportunities and professional development.

If you are a funds associate or are thinking about moving into the funds space, then now is the time to start looking! To discuss opportunities further, contact me on: or call me on 020 3984 656