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Travelling with your firm is always an exciting time, especially when you are relatively new to the legal world. Our Directors and Consultants here at Nexus are lucky to have travelled the world meeting clients in places such as Australia, Japan, South Africa and Dubai. Regardless of whether you’re an expert globe trotter or causal flyer, we have put together a list of absolute must-haves and personal recommendations when it comes to travelling for business.

Make life easy
When packing your carry-on, you’ll first want to focus on creating a seamless airport experience and things like a travel wallet and an easily accessible toiletry pouch will help you stay organized and breeze through security. There is nothing worse than being stuck behind someone in security who is digging in their trolley case for what seems like an eternity while they are trying to find their passport! This is where a smart backpack is useful, as compartments make it easy to access your items without holding up the que. We would recommend the up and coming backpack brand Knomo, which offers both style and substance in equal measure.

​Retail price ranges from £150 to £200, available from

Plane essentials
From our experience travelling internationally, we believe investing in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Not only does this mean you can watch movies without hearing the buzz of the people around you, but you can cancel out noise if you’re trying to get some shut eye.

Available online and normally retail between £150 to £300

Our Managing Consultant, Lauren Chester, and Director, David Warburton would highly recommend Bose headsets (money well spent on a 12-hour flight, especially if a child nearby starts crying!).

Other must-haves would include:

- Kindle; a lightweight option compared to traditional books

- Travel adapters (EU & US)

- Hand sanitizer

- Socks (if you are prone to getting cold feet!)

- Scarf that could double up as a blanket

- Phone charger (most planes now have USB ports to charge smart phone or tablets)

- Lip balm

- Hand cream

- Neck Pillow (try to go for memory foam, in our experience this has made a big difference!)

- Toiletries (medicines, wet wipes, creams etc)

- Laptop or Tablet (most planes now have Wi-Fi)

How to look smart but feel comfortable

Wearing something light-weight like smart trousers and a shirt or t-shirt is good for a medium haul flight. When travelling long haul it is always a good idea to bring a light jacket or jumper as airplanes can get cold! It is also not uncommon for business professionals to bring a change of clothing to be fresh for meetings upon arrival, should your schedule dictate.  

If you are travelling business class, there is normally a place for passengers to hang jackets and suits if needed. If you are lucky enough to fly first class on the Airbus A380 there are showers on board (yes you read correctly)!

It is worth noting however that these showers in the sky are limited to 1 min per passenger to preserve water, so be quick! This means you can wear your comfiest outfit while flying, then just before landing change into your normal business attire ready for your day ahead.

Fly high with Nexus
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