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One thing modern day lawyers love is broadening their horizons and seeking opportunities for professional development overseas. For Australian lawyers in particular, the draws of London, Hong Kong or Dubai often are difficult to resist, resulting in an ever-increasing trend of Aussie’s exiting overseas. But what happens when the time comes to make a move back home?

For many lawyers, the idea of relocating home can be quite a daunting one - the legal landscape of your old stomping ground can change quite dramatically in the space of only a few years, and you may find yourself feeling entirely out of touch with ‘who’s-who’ in the local market.  The partners you once knew may have moved on to pastures new and firms you were once familiar with are no more; whether they have shut up shop for good or merged with another firm in the market.

Of course, a move back home offers many personal benefits and securities - family, friends and re-familiarizing yourself with your favourite haunts – however in a professional sense, you may feel uncertain and in need of a little guidance.

It can be very tempting to take the ‘easy’ route and return to your old firm - you know the people, the culture and have a good idea of the type of work you can expect. However, while you may have loved the firm and all it had to offer prior to your time away, things can change. While that may have been a great fit for you at the time, consider how you may have grown during your time away, also consider how your old firm/team may have changed in that time.

Consider the benefits of consulting with an experienced legal recruiter prior to commencing your search. They will know the market like the back of their hand and have a great understanding of where your skills will be best placed. They will be able to give you a great update on the local market, what firms are doing well and, most importantly, what firms are actively hiring for somebody with your profile. While you may have old contacts at firms in the market, it doesn’t always guarantee success. Using an experienced consultant who can cover the market for you will ensure you have exposure to a number of suitable positions and firms, without putting all of your eggs in one basket!

We regularly work with Australian returnees in securing their dream positions in their home states. This includes successfully working with a senior banking lawyer, from a Magic Circle firm in London, secure a position with a top-tier firm, and assisting a mid-level commercial disputes lawyer join a Magic Circle firm in Perth.

With a consistent increase in demand for legal talent across Australia, there is an abundance of legal roles on offer with leading firms in all major Australian cities. To have an initial discussion regarding your options for returning home, contact Lauren Chester on +44 203 984 6565 /