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Moving To Dubai Is Better Than A Bad Deal 2 (1)

Rebekah Allen Lawyer, Paralegal, Partner...

With the uncertainty of Brexit closing in on the UK, now may be the perfect time to consider an ‘exit stage left’ to a tax-free haven such as Dubai. What can the UAE offer you & your legal career? Read on to find out!


  1. Tax-free salary package – Probably one of the main draws for professionals seeking a move is the bonus of not paying any income tax. With the majority of UK lawyers falling into the dreaded 40% tax bracket, it’s no wonder that many seek to save their earnings in the Middle East. Couple this with the fact that UAE salaries are very generous, the majority of expats see a substantial increase in their take-home when they make the move.


  1. Large international transactions/deals – The work on offer in the UAE is second to none when it comes to the big players in the market. If you are a corporate, banking or projects lawyer, you will have the opportunity to work on some of the region’s largest transactions. This is an excellent boost to your CV and will serve you well should you decide to relocate back to the UK at a later date. Many of my 2018 candidates have commented on the superior quality of work in their new roles – if transactions are getting stale in the UK, why not consider looking further afield?


  1. Close-knit working environment – Many teams in UAE are leaner than those based in London and can offer you more responsibility and the opportunity to work directly with partners. In addition, this can mean more opportunities for promotion and progression within the firm and is a step away from being just another number in the corporate grind. Increased client exposure brings with it a multitude of benefits, from broadening your skillset to making valuable connections.


  1. Global mobility – If you are an avid globetrotter, a move to the UAE can open a whole host of doors in terms of travel prospects. Many firms in UAE work closely with their counterparts in Asia and Africa and can offer you secondments to other offices or business trips requiring international travel. Once you have worked overseas you are in an advantageous position to continue your experience in other foreign jurisdictions.


  1. Multicultural expat community – UAE is a truly diverse location and offers both a unique cultural experience with the home comforts of the expat community. Whether you are moving solo or with family, you are guaranteed to find others within your profession who are in a similar situation. Last year I assisted both families and single lawyers with a move and all have settled in to life in the Middle East with relative ease. If you are looking to immerse yourself in a true Middle Eastern experience, why not consider locations such as Qatar or Oman – both of which offer the benefits of Dubai in a slower-paced setting out of the fast lane.


Whether you have been considering overseas options for some time, or the impending Brexit uncertainty has given you a push to explore a career move, get in touch with me today to discuss how you can boost your career in the Middle East on +44 161 870 6776 /