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Whether you’ve returned to the office today, or are ‘looking forward’ to resuming work in the coming days, talk of fresh starts are on everybody’s lips. Whether it’s water cooler conversations about a new diet or corridor conversations about reducing time spent on social media, aspiration goes into overdrive at this time of year. But what if your mind is on executing that career move you were day-dreaming about during the Christmas slowdown? Read on for some job search resolutions that could pay dividends!

1. Keep your CV up to date
Neglected to update your CV after years in the same role? Before considering new options, it’s worth refreshing your CV with details of the latest matters you’ve worked on, ensuring you’re ready to go at first sight of an attractive opportunity. Going over your experience in its entirety will focus the mind on your skill-set, background and abilities, helping to fine-tune your search to relevant options. Knowing your CV intimately will fast-track your interview preparation too.

2. Give thought to your career goals
Been coasting for a while? Fancy a change but not sure about direction? Having a few ideas, however general, will help you conduct an effective job search and secure a profitable career move, rather than a simple like-for-like change. Moving from ‘Firm A’ to ‘Firm B’ seldom offers more than a change in furniture and a new email address. What exactly are you looking to gain from a move, and what’s your intended destination three or five years hence?

3. Get your house in order
Numerous administrative items can hold up a career move, both in terms of initial applications and the process itself. For example, many firms request academic transcripts up front – if you don’t have them scanned and ready in electronic format, this might delay you by a day. If the certificate is stored at your parents’ house, or framed on the wall of your childhood bedroom, you might be delayed by several days. If you’ve lost it and need to contact your university (many of which are notoriously slow in dealing with such requests), you might be delayed by several weeks. The same goes for references, copies of your passport, knowledge of your current contractual obligations (e.g. notice period) etc. Save yourself the inconvenience and get a head-start on the admin now.

4. Consider international options
London looking a bit grey this time of year? Local New York options looking a bit lacklustre? A move to Asia or the Middle East might hold the answer – smaller offices & team sizes offer greater client exposure and responsibility, many locations offer moderate to significant tax advantages, and the change of culture and lifestyle is refreshing. A new start in every way!

5. Find a competent recruiter
​An asset to your job search, a good recruiter won’t just connect you with opportunities, but offer advice on a range of career-related queries too. If you’re not sure on how to structure your CV, whether Singapore or Dubai would be the best choice for your goals, or what your salary expectations should be, a good recruiter can help. If you’re considering a move to (or within) Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the UK, South Africa or offshore, an experienced consultant from Nexus could be the person for the job.

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