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Applying for a new role can be a highly confusing and stressful time. As a busy legal professional, it’s understandably difficult to find the time to scrutinise countless job boards, complete arduous online applications and keep on top of which firms you’ve applied to (let alone follow up on your applications!). With all that to contend with, many people wonder why they would also want to bring a recruiter into the mix- surely that would make things even more complicated? The simple answer is no - here’s why:

Recruiters have established relationships with firms that enable them to ‘go deeper’ when it comes to the recruitment process. Usually a recruiter who has an established relationship with a firm will acquire greater insight into what the firm are looking for, the culture of the team and the type of person that would fit well within that team. Couple this with the knowledge of what you - the candidate - are looking for and a good recruiter should easily marry you up with the most suitable opportunities where you are more likely to be successful. 

1. Specialisation - A good recruitment agency will focus solely on one industry. A good legal recruiter will be an expert in that field, understanding the market in which they operate, where the demand is and the culture of different firms. This means they will be able to quickly identify any relevant ongoing opportunities or come up with a customised plan as to what firms to approach on your behalf.

2. Marketability - When it comes time to put your profile forward to a firm, not only will your recruiter be able to assist you with any required edits/additions to your CV, they will also know how to highlight your most marketable traits to each individual firm (something which could be overlooked if it is not explicitly clear from your CV). In a way, your recruiter becomes your own personal spokesperson and promoter - they can shine a light on your strengths without the restriction of modesty!

3. Insight - A very useful tool to any jobseeker is feedback. Often with direct applications, firms won’t offer any substantive feedback if your application isn’t successful. When you go through a recruiter however, they will ensure they receive feedback from the firms - good or bad - to identify any areas where you are excelling or any areas that may require some development.  Your will also benefit from pre-interview briefings from your recruiter, who will be able to give valuable information on the people you’ll be meeting and the topics you can expect to discuss.

4. Guidance - A recruiter is not just there to get you interviews but also to offer you advice on longer-term career goals - this is especially helpful when you have multiple offers to consider, as they can rationally talk you through the different options and assist in your decision-making process.

5. Simplicity - Instead of dealing with multiple people at multiple firms (which can become a little confusing and overwhelming), you deal with one person for multiple roles. Your recruiter will be the intermediary and deal with the logistics of arranging the interviews, chasing feedback, discussion salary etc.

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