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Relocating from another country is undoubtedly a task that requires a large amount of preparation – obtaining VISAs, shipping furniture, securing accommodation and organising flights are typically the first things that candidates want to discuss when orchestrating an overseas move. However, there is one surprisingly common question I get asked – how do I take my pets with me to a new country?

As a nation of animal lovers, it is no surprise that many of us can’t bear to part with man’s best friend when it comes to relocating, but fear not! Bringing your pet with you overseas isn’t actually as complex as it would first seem, and it may well be that you can collect fluffy from the airport and take him to your new home that very same day.

Costs of relocation
The cost of transporting your pet will vary depending on the species and breed i.e. small cats will be cheaper to ship than a large dog. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the flight and larger the pet the greater the cost.

You will also need to factor in the expense of any pre-requisite vaccinations that your pet must have before leaving the country. Most pets will need a microchip, up to date vaccinations, import permit and an export certificate which must be completed a day before travel to ensure your pet is fit to fly.

Keep in mind that whilst most international law firms will assist with the cost of your flight and reasonable relocation costs, the majority will not factor in pets and you will likely have to bear the costs of this at your own expense.

Easing the burden
To help with transporting your pet, you may wish to enlist the help of a third-party agency who can take a lot of the stress away from you. Agencies such as PetAir UK or AirPaws can supply guidance on the necessary documents required as well as provide a travel crate and even collect your pet from the airport and deliver them to your new home on the same day.

Most destinations will not require your pet to be in quarantine (Australia and New Zealand being common exceptions) upon arrival and you will be able to collect them once they have been checked over at the airport.

​Preparation is key

As with any part of relocation, preparing ahead of time will help prevent any last-minute issues that flag up and ensure a smooth transition for both of you. Don’t be afraid to raise these issues with your consultant – you’d be surprised at how common this is! I had a candidate recently who had taken their cat with them to 4 different jurisdictions including UK and Asia – we joked that he had seen more of the world than me! Another candidate who was relocating to UAE had stressed that he simply could not make the move without his cat – a point I could relate to, being a cat owner myself. Whilst these issues may seem trivial, it is always best to be upfront about what you need to organise prior to an international move for your consultant to be best placed to advise and assist.

​Considering a move to Middle East (pets or not)?
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