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You may think that there can’t be any link between the two, but you would be surprised to know what realistic comparisons can be made! Here is a list of the top reasons why the beautiful game is more like working in law than you first thought.

1.  It takes a long time to qualify

Just like the World Cup a lawyer must train for many years to qualify. Professional football players train all their lives to have the chance to play on the world stage and achieve their professional ambition. Sometimes legal studies starting from high school, through to law degrees, GDL, LPC, JD (or equivalent), plus training contracts, bar exams e.t.c, can seem like a lifetime of training for the ‘big game’ of a legal career.

2.  Knock out stages

The journey of becoming a lawyer takes hard work, dedication and long hours in the office. Every year thousands of graduates hit the ground running to make sure they get world-class firms on their CV’s and land that all-important first role as an associate. This means that sometimes you must get ahead of the competition!

3.  It’s truly international
The world is your oyster as a legal professional. With many top international firms based in major cities across the world the possibilities are endless, as many western qualified lawyers choose to move to countries like Australia and the UAE to enhance their legal careers. Sometimes, such experience can mean the difference between a second division career and one in the Premier League!

4.  Every country is unique

Whether it’s the Brazilian flare or strategic planning of the England squad all the World Cup teams have their own styles and ways of working. With law every country has its own individuality which makes them all unique. Therefore, many lawyers benefit from working overseas and offshore to gain valuable experience to improve careers and make that World Cup final (partner promotion) a reality.

5.  Having nerves of steel
When it comes to the dreaded penalty shoot-out the nation is truly gripped by anticipation. Will they, won’t they? The hopes of many rest on one player. Lawyers are used to this feeling as they experience the thrill of the legal world on a regular basis. Whether it’s the adrenaline of a case or the lows of a bad day at the office, lawyers know how to perform under pressure.

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