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When writing your CV, you can sometimes think that submitting the same CV for every job you apply for will be fine, but this is not wise! It is widely known that for every job that you apply for you should always create a new CV that exactly matches the job description for that role. This is even more important for legal professionals. As putting the right information and making yourself stand out is the key to success.  Here is a top 5 list of simple steps that can improve your CV writing skills.

1. Clear layout

Sometimes the simpler the format the better! Having a fancy border or coloured writing could put off potential recruiters and employers from reading your CV. Some candidates do this as they think it will make there’s stand out from the crowd, but this can sometimes have the opposite effect.

2. Let your experience do the talking

One of the biggest mistakes we see from candidate CV’s is when they don’t put down all their relevant experience in chronological order. This allows the recruiter to scan through a CV more easily, as remember they can read hundreds of CV’s a week!

3. Avoid typo’s

Make sure you read over your CV before you click submit. Simple spelling and grammar mistakes can be easily made if you have spent a few hours constructing your CV. It might also be worth going back to your CV after a day or so to read it with a fresh pair of eyes.

4. Make it key word friendly

If you are applying for a Corporate Lawyer role for example, make sure you use all the keywords of what that roles entails in your CV. The recruiter or employer will be looking for key terms or statements which would make you the best candidate for the role. If you don’t do this, you may miss out if you don’t make it obvious to them what your key skills are.

5. Keep it to two pages

The optimum length for a CV is two pages maximum. If the CV is any longer in length it may put off potential employers reading it as it is unlikely that they will read every bit of information on the CV in detail. So, keep it short and to the point.

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