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London is now one of the top tourist destinations for overseas visitors. Not only is London a vibrant and multicultural city, the law sector is world leading and hosts some of the top law firms in the world. Therefore, it has become so popular with overseas lawyers wanting a piece of the so called ‘London dream’. If you are planning on visiting or relocating to London we have put together the 4 best hidden gems that you probably have never heard off.

1. Lion Lodge at London Zoo

Have a real-life jungle book experience at London Zoo. You can hire a lodge and enjoy private guided tours around different animal enclosures after hours. A two-course dinner and breakfast are included, so you won't have to worry about your rumbling stomach waking up the neighbours.

2. Little Venice

Have a taste of Italy in the locks of London by visiting what is known locally as ‘Venice on sea’. Home to various waterside cafes, pubs and restaurants, the area comes alive in the summer months as Londoners jump on canal boats or walk along the riverside to nearby Camden or Regent's Park.

3. Chelsea Physic Garden

This tranquil green space is often forgotten by both Londoners and tourists, as it's utterly charming. A walled space beside the Thames, Chelsea Physic Garden was established in 1673 and is London's oldest botanic garden, containing around 5,000 edible, medicinal and historic plants. Well worth a visit if you’re into botanical gardens.

4. Secret bars

One of the most fun bars to go into is a legitimate speakeasy in central London called ‘Evans & Peal, Detective Agency’. You can only go in if you call before hand and reserve an ‘appointment’. Once you have done this you follow a secret door and the party starts there! A lot of fun and something different from the norm.

How Nexus Legal Recruitment can help you find your perfect role

Nexus legal are an international firm who operate within 6 continents and have placed legal professionals in countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong and many more. We specialise in tailor made searches to best suit your skills and experience. We have a high track record of relocating candidates across the world smoothly. 

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