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Across Australia each state has different public holidays depending on where you live. But at the very least you will expect to have 20 days annual leave a year and up to 10 public holidays! This compared to Europe means that you would have 5 more extra days off a year. This precious time could be used to spend quality time with friends and family. Here is a full comprehensive list of all the public holidays in Australia 2018*.

New Year's Day = Monday 1 January

Australia Day= Friday 26 January

Canberra Day= Monday 12th March

Eight Hours Day= Monday 12th March

Labour Day= Monday 12th March (Victoria)

Labour Day= Monday 5 March (Western Australia)

Good Friday= Friday 30 March

Easter Monday= Monday 2 April

ANZAC Day= Wednesday 25 April

Western Australia Day= Monday 4 June

Queen's Birthday= Monday 24 September

Christmas Day= Tuesday 25 December

Boxing Day= Wednesday 26 December

* these may differ from state to state

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