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Although many know the great advantages of working offshore, some always ask what the annual holiday entitlement of the BVI entails. In total in you would expect to receive a minimum of 28 days holiday a year. This is 4 more extra days off compared to the UK and some parts of the USA.

Here is the full list of public holidays in the BVI:

New Year's Day= 1st January       

Hamilton Lavity Stoutt Holiday= 5th March

Commonwealth Day= 12th March             

Good Friday= 30th March

Easter Monday= 2nd April

Whit Monday= 21st May

Queen's Birthday= 9th June

Territory Day= 1st July

Territory Day Holiday= 2nd July

Festival Monday= 6th August

Festival Tuesday= 7th August

Festival Wednesday= 8th August

St Ursula's Day= 21st October                     

St Ursula's Day Holiday= 22nd October

Christmas Day= 25th December                 

Boxing Day= 26th December

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