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We all must come to a stage in life where we start to think that we may want a new challenge or promotion in our careers. Although many of us may be used to the interview process this can still be a daunting task for many of us. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you put your best foot forward when going for your dream job.

1. Always research the company and the industry

It is still surprising to over here people say that they didn’t do any research about the company before they went to the interview. This would make you fall at the first hurdle, as employers are bound to ask questions about what you know about there company and how your experience can be utilised in the role. Even if you are not asked questions like this, you could ask them at the end about the company’s visions going forward. This shows you have done your research and will not fail to impress!

2. Sell yourself!

This is an obvious one, but some people are not naturals in promoting themselves and comes naturally to very few people. This is because sometimes we may feel embarrassed to talk about our key attributes in front of essentially strangers, but it is vital we do. If we don’t how are is the firm going to know whether your suitable for the role? In that case don’t be afraid to really go to town about your key skills and experiences you have had in your career. Furthermore, it also shows the interviewer that your passionate about your career and not just going through the motions of work life.  

3. Be prepared for awkward interviewer questions about your past

It’s always best practise to be prepared for any questions that might come your way which you may not want to answer (if given the option). These can be questions about your past job or why you have a gap on your CV. These are questions are likely to be asked in the entail interview stage as the employers may want more clarification about any concerns they may have about your employment history. So, in this case it is always best to be honest and as open as possible. It might be that a career break was for a genuine reason so it’s best to let your potential new employers know.

4. Practise makes perfect

There is truth in the popular saying! Going over what you may say to your potential new employer is key, as it helps lesson the nerves on the big day. It might also be helpful to go over any answers you may give with a member of your family or friend and even have them ask you questions to mimic an interview scenario. As you can pretty much guarantee that you will be asked the usual questions such as:

Why did you apply for this role?

Why are you the best person for this role?

Why have you decided to look at new opportunities?

5. Think positive!

It can be hard to say to someone who is nervous to think positive before being put into a daunting environment but having an open mind and thinking your interview will go well can really change the way you represent yourself. According to modern occupational psychology research thinking and even talking out loud positive, reaffirming thoughts can make you stand taller and slow down your breathing. It can also make you less anxious and when your more relaxed your more likely to speak more clearly and be able to answer any questions put to you more effectively.

If you try to stick to these 5 steps you will be sure to ace your interview!

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