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Top things you should be doing as a Corporate Lawyer

1. Get up to speed with new technologies

Technology especially in the law sector an emerging market that international law firms must keep up with to stay ahead of the game. This also applies to legal professionals in M&A as the emerging markets across Europe and Central America use technology to make M&A process more productive.

2. Know the economy

Due to the neither positive or negative predications for the state of the global economy going forward in 2018 this has meant the M&A market is cautious in the first quarter. According to the Deloittes annual M&A report they suggest that due to uncertainty in the global markets this has meant a slight down turn in corporate law. But as the year progresses we may see a change dependent on individual markets. This is especially the case for London, New York and Hong Kong. There is also the notion of tax reforms introduced my President Trump. This will impact the Americas law system in 2018. To what affect this will have on the markets we are yet to see.

3. Tools and technology are making an impact

The growth in technology in the law sector has meant that completing some M&A tasks have become much simpler and meant that tasks such as reporting, and integration have become more efficient. Taking advantage of new technology can also mean reduced costs and therefore greater productivity. Law firms across the globe are feeling increasing pressures to keep up to date with new technology. Especially due to the new GDPR law that comes into effect May 2018.  

4. Talent acquisition

Like most years recruiting the best talent for top international law firms is always something that firms need to work on. As recruiting the best lawyers can make a vast difference to the overall running and productivity of a firm.

5. Converging markets

The industries that have been said to be ones to watch for in 2018, according to Deloitte’s are:

  • energy and construction

  • manufacturing

  • retail and technology

  • Healthcare and providers

  • Telecommunications and technology

6. Top foreign markets for 2018

The markets to invest in this year are said to be Canada, UK, Europe, China, Central American and Australia.

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