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Are you considering a career move in a different country? Do you want to progress your career and live in beautiful surroundings that offer a better quality of life such as great outdoor facilities and fantastic real estate? Then now is the time to think about whether its time for you to take the plunge and move overseas.

There are many opportunities at the moment for people working in the legal sector of South Africa to move to exciting cities such as Sydney, Hong Kong and Dubai. These nations offer not only fantastic career opportunities but also offer the chance for a great after work social life for individuals and families. Due to political uncertainty in South Africa and the down turn in Project Finance in the legal sector, now may be the best time to consider other countries to enhance your career for the future.

Why Australia?

This continent has one of the best economies and is also host to the biggest legal firms in the world. This makes Australian cities such as Sydney and Perth hubs for talented solicitors, lawyers and barristers from all over the world. Working in these cities can also be a stepping stone to future careers in the Middle East if this is your end goal. Currently in South Africa there is a diminution in Project Finance roles due to the current climate and political uncertainly of South Africa. This is quite a different scenario in Australia were there has been an increase in recent months in legal vacancies in the Project and Banking Finance sector.

Other benefits for South Africans who are thinking of a move down under is the well-established expat communities in many cities across Australia. It is also the case that South African legal skills, training and education are highly transferable and desirable to the Australian legal market. Meaning that you will have no problem with using your expertise and knowledge in Australia without the need for further qualifications like QLTS exams.

Why the Middle East?

Nations of the Middle East offer fantastic world leading opportunities for legal professionals who are wishing to gain promotion or a better work/life balance. Apart from the obvious benefits of increased salaries, lower taxation in countries like Dubai there are other benefits to relocating. The weather is all year sunshine and the lifestyle is second to none!

The Middle East is one of the world’s most accessible hubs for both business and pleasure. Meaning that it is easy to fly on business or to see family and friends in different countries. Additionally, the exposure to a multitude of nationalities that reside within the Middle East provides a fantastic platform for legal professionals to build their multi-cultural career progression opportunities. There would be no challenges in terms of language barriers as English is widely spoken in businesses across the Middle East.

How Nexus Legal Recruitment can help you

Nexus Legal are a leading recruitment firm that works within a multinational market that has successfully placed candidates in the best law firms in the world. We operate in over 6 continents and can tailor your job search to exactly suit your skills and experience. Our highly experienced senior consultants aim to find the perfect job match for their candidates and therefore find the best candidates for the world’s biggest law firms.

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